Sensory Cafe

Clart About Sensory Café is one of a kind offering a safe, stimulating and relaxing environment designed to be inclusive of all children from birth. Using fantastic state of the art technology and sensory equipment, allows our users to access the very best in sensory experiences.

Sensory environments are hugely beneficial from birth through to 100 years old! Promoting both physical and mental wellbeing to all.

Our interactive floor projects images, games and educational activities ideal for those standing, crawling or in a wheelchair. Babies are amazed by the bubble tubes, music wall, fibre optics, colour columns, disco floor tiles, and infinity panels. Even adults go home feeling relaxed from our calming and soothing environment.

Our all wooden and sensory play area is a tactile and curious way for babies, toddlers and children to learn about the world around them, offering a heuristic approach to play using all of their senses. Our sensory soft play and wooden caravan role play areas aid all aspects of little ones development where their imaginations can flow!

Our café facilities offers a selection of hot and cold drinks, including locally sourced award winning coffee from Pumphreys of Newcastle, and a range of hot and cold snacks and treats, including a selection of delicious cakes from The Pudding Parlour.

We limit the number of children we allow in at any one time to a maximum of 16 through a pre-booking system this ensures a calm, relaxing and inclusive environment for all. You can book to visit our Sensory Café here. We charge for all children from Birth.

Quite simply the BEST Sensory experience in County Durham! 

Tiny One’s Toy shop is situated within Clart About Sensory Cafe too!  

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Unit 33F, Number 1 Industrial Estate, Consett, DH8 6SZ

Tel: 01207-501061